dear resolutions

Dear resolutions,

It seems you can’t move for blog posts about resolutions; those who have them, those who have them all ironically, those who definitely don’t have them, and then those who ironically don’t post about resolutions at all. I think I fall in number 2. So ironic.

Then there are the many advice articles about what resolutions are hot right now, which never made sense to me, how to keep resolutions, why you should and shouldn’t make them, and so on…the ones without statistics are my favorite.

Personally, I favor Danielle LaPorte’s philosophy on the desired feelings approach. Her whole deal is that you should focus on how you want to feel, rather than what you want to accomplish, since desire for stuff usually stems from a desired feeling.

I decided I want to feel joyful, blooming, and peaceful. All areas I struggle in currently. Blooming covers creative, productive, growing, etc. Blooming sounds way better. Also I like flowers.

#desiremap #isntbloomingaswearwordinaustralia #whatevs

Anyway, resolutions, you probably won’t be kept because that’s kind of the point of you.  A benchmark for all our weaknesses and areas of failure. It’s not a bad thing. Failures point the way to success. And so on and so forth. Can I get that on a t-shirt, actually?


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