Whenever I get dissatisfied, suffocated, overwhelmed, stressed out, or just plain bored, I have this thing I do. I call it displacement. I go out of dis place and over to dat place.

Mentally, anyway. I don’t mean I take a walk, although that would definitely be healthier and probably actually more helpful, but I start planning a life elsewhere.

Back in America, the other place was Korea (see the concrete room). I was so bogged down in preparing for this place that it completely took me away from the there and then I was in.

Now, after five months in Korea, things are starting to slow down, and I’m beginning to feel shirky. I want to shirk my duties here. Job is a job, not much social life (and whose fault is THAT, you idiot), and I feel like I need another kick in the pants to get things going.

So, thanks to a certain Youtube couple who shall remain nameless and who pretty much got me interested in Korea in the first place and have now moved to Japan…I want to go to Japan. Am I following them? Well, seems like it. It only takes me six years from when they go. Yay…there’s my life planned out, I guess.

Anyway, I just came down from a high of watching other people on Youtube talk about living in Japan, reading blogs about teaching there, and imagining how nice it would be to live in a place where night time is quiet. Ahhhh.

And then I remember subways so full there are people paid to push you in, and how expensive everything is, and how many alphabets there are, and how hot in the summer it is…and I sigh heavily and think I’ll stick it out for a least a couple years here before I move out of sheer antsiness. I should take care of that before moving again.

If only Murakami wasn’t so amazing…



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