Dear person who doesn’t get fantasy

How? How do you not get it? What’s not to get? You have someone with imagination making up a world that does not exist – pretty much fiction in general, in that case. Fantasy only takes it a little farther and adds dragons. Or fairies. Or wizards. Or camels. Or all of that and then some.

So why don’t you get it? Did your parents restrict your access to good books? Or was it a status symbol of your worldly wisdom and maturity that you were above “such things?”

What made you this way? And why didn’t you get over it after thirty and appreciate the incredible capacity for fantasy to reveal deep truths about humanity? Fantasy can show us a reflection of life unlike any other medium. Although here, I also include surrealism, sci-fi, and any other form of fiction. Any work that holds a mirror on life – and does it well – can lead us to greater empathy, understanding, and insight.

So, dear person who doesn’t get fantasy, please get over it, and let me lend you my library.


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