in high school it’s like we adopt a character. we pick a stereotype and that is our entire self. as we haven’t had time to develop a real unique self, which must be a conglomeration of many types, we may put on and take off many different kinds, testing each to see how well we can slip into it.

like a guest in a strange wardrobe, we pick and choose until we find the combination we like, in the right size. for some people, it takes years. they squeeze and flounder until they find one that fits. for others, they don’t bother finding the perfect size, but choose the nearest thing to it, never really getting an authentic, unique self.

and for those special few, they put their hand right upon the perfect fit- they are so genuine, so brilliant, they shine and make waves wherever they are. they are flashing, blazing comets, burning out fast, falling to earth, to end up buried. cold.




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