the bathroom stall

Every knows about the bathroom stall. There’s been one in your life. Whether it’s an actual stall or not, there is some place that you have taken refuge in. At school or work or even in your own home – you must have somewhere you can cry in and find some peace.

For me, this morning, it was a real bathroom stall, with “Teachers Only” on the door. The students can’t go there, so it stays relatively clean. And today, it provided a place to breathe for five minutes. A place to suck in the tears before they fell, turning my face into a beacon of “not okay.” A magnet for “are you okay?” and “what’s wrong?”

I don’t always need a bathroom stall. I live alone, fortunately, so usually I can recover with a blanket over my head for several hours. But today, for some reason, for many reasons, I needed to retreat into the bathroom stall.

I don’t want it to become a familiar place. I don’t want to have to seek it out. I would like to find peace and comfort somewhere better. Please…


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